Seat Types

The Bolster Boost works great for most all car seats. These are categorized into three types according to their side bolster angle:

side bolster angle seat types

Wide : Sedans, SUVs, trucks, mini-vans
Medium : Sedans, sports cars, muscle cars
Narrow : Performance sports cars

The Bolster Boost is designed for medium seats, which are on the majority of modern sedans and sports cars. It gives these the feel of a custom racing seat with perpendicular side bolsters. Vehicles with wide seats, trucks, SUV’s, mini-vans and luxury cars, are also compatible. The Bolster Boost gives these seats the feel of a narrow performance sports car seat, like Recaro. With narrow seats, we’ve had mixed results as there are many factors that affect the fit, such as bolster size, driving position and torso width. Classic car seats have a flat back and virtually no side support. So the Bolster Boost makes these feel like a modern, medium seat. Dune buggies, jeeps, UTVs, go-karts and other open cars are also compatible. You can even use them on boats and airplanes too!

Body Types

The Bolster Boost is designed to fit most body types. We’ve tested with over one hundred people, of all sizes and the vast majority were able to get a comfortable fit. If you already sway in your seat while cornering, the Bolster Boost will work great.
Typically, women have a narrower ribcage, so the Bolster Boost makes standard seats, designed to fit XL men, feel snug. Kids love them, many saying it feels like being on a roller coaster!

If you sit very close to the steering wheel so that your elbows and torso touch, you may need to adjust your elbows slightly out to the side to clear the pads.

In a few instances, a specific combination of driver and seat had a compatibility issue. On narrow seats, some drivers with wide torsos made the gap between their side and the bolster rather small, so there was no room to insert the pad. Or the pad would protrude forward and clash with the elbow.

Yet, other drivers of similar size and seat had no issues and reported feeling very comfortable. So the fit is very subjective and you need to try it out yourself. One driver, with a wide torso, said he felt very well supported in his narrow BMW Z3 sport seat while lapping the high-speed banked corners of the Fontana raceway.

He was so enthusiastic about how great it felt, he made me promise that I would bring them to market!

Wide torso driver in narrow Z3 seat